Faith-Based Armed Security


With attacks on religious institutions increasing, it has never been more important to get training in the tactics and techniques of responding to an active killing event. This one-day class will have separate sections of live fire and airsoft.


Participants need to be able to pass a safe weapons manipulation test as well as an 8 round basic proficiency test at the beginning of class. If you are unsafe, you will be asked to used a roped (mechanically safe) weapon or SIRT pistol, or you may be asked to leave.

Required Equipment:

Pistol or Revolver with a minimum of 2 magazines or 2 speed loaders/speed strips.

A good holster: Dominant side belt, AIWB, or IWB that allows the firearm to be holstered with one hand. It should allow a full firing grip on the handgun while covering the trigger guard. Safety devices that don’t utilize the index finger are allowed e.g., Safariland ALS. NO PUSH BUTTON SERPA STYLE HOLSTERS ALLOWED.

Eye and Ear protection

Magazine pouch and Sturdy Belt

Minimum 250 rounds of good ammunition. (More if you like to shoot)


$250.00 Total Cost

$125.00 (50%) Non-refundable deposit required for registration 

Remaining balance due the first day of class when you check in. 

We accept cash/check/credit card. 5% discount for paying with cash/check. 

10% Discount for all Active Duty Military or Reserve (ID Required), Active Duty Law Enforcement (ID Required) and former FASTER students (diploma required)

Please email us at to get registered if you wish to pay cash/check. *Note, if you register online your credit card will automatically be charged for the class deposit and you will not receive the discount for the deposit.

Ammunition Requirement : Minimum 250 rounds (no steel core or steel jacketed ammo permitted). If you are borrowing a gun from TDI, please note we will not allow reloads or remanufactured ammunition except from Midwest Ammunition or Black Hills ammunition. If you are unsure what ammo to purchase, please call the office or send us an email.

You must be able to pass a safe weapons manipulation test. If you are not safe, you may be asked to unload and rope your weapon making it mechanically safe or you may be asked to leave.

Class Times: 9:00AM – approx. 5:00PM

Additional information

Class Dates

July 24, 2021, October 1, 2021


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