President and Chief Instructor of Tactical Defense Institute, John Benner, is a 45-year veteran police Lieutenant and Vietnam Veteran. John coordinated the Drug Abuse Reduction Task Force for 5 years and spent 25 years with the Hamilton County Police Association Regional SWAT Team. During his 20 years as Commander, John received several prestigious awards including Contribution to Law Enforcement, Police Leadership and Officer of the Year. He is certified to instruct and has been a guest instructor for the Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy (OPOTA). John has presented numerous times for the International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors (IALEFI). He contracted with the National Association of School Resource Officers (NASRO)  across the United States for Active Killer, is the author of the FASTER Saves Lives program in conjunction with Buckeye Firearms Foundation and is the co-author of the nationally used CQPC Program.

About TDI
Tactical Defense Institute
TACTICAL DEFENSE INSTITUTE has been training civilians, law enforcement personnel, military / federal agencies and corporate security teams in tactical firearms and physical self-defense for over 24 years.

TDI is located in West Union, Ohio. All firearm classes are conducted at our Adams County, Ohio facility in the beautiful foothills of Southern Ohio. This rural 186 acre facility provides eight specialty ranges, including a 400 yard rifle range, a main range with a covered firing line, a steel range, 4-H club ranges, the upper range and an unknown distance range. We also have a two story force-on-force house, 3 live fire houses and a large classroom next to the main range. Motels are within 15-20 minutes driving distance. Motel information is sent upon course registration. Ammunition is available upon request.

GPS Coordinates To TDI (Lat: N384810.72 Long: W832343.21)

Facility Details


Climate controlled, equipped with our Pro-Shop, 2 rest-rooms, kitchen area, and easily seats 40-50 students.

Pistol Ranges

A strong company foundation begins with people.

Upper Ranges

Stocked with a van, sedan, compact car and SUV. While not preferred, these vehicles are “shootable” for more aggressive training. We also have room for student vehicles for individual training.

Live Fire Houses

Three live fire houses for a variety of situations and skill levels.

Rifle Range

100, 200, 300, 400 yard shooting positions.

The Steel Range

Usually has two falling-plate racks, but can be configured for our other reactive targets.
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