Handgun Level 6


This class is predominantly for low level light, spending most of your time with a flashlight in your hand. Have your flashlight techniques become second nature, not something you have to stop and think about in a bad situation. Learn to shoot while moving as quickly as you can. Work in and around your vehicle, both day and night. You will practice with your own vehicle, then go to our vehicle range and truly develop your skills. This class includes multiple low light live-fire house exercises and numerous force on force exercises. Unlike other classes, the three day Level 6 class will begin at 1:00 p.m. to maximize low light time.


$750.00 Total Cost

10% Discount Active Duty Military or Reserve, Active Duty Law Enforcement and former FASTER students.

Email tdiohio@gmail.com or text 937-901-6900 for a coupon code. ID required.

Ammunition Requirement : Minimum 750 rounds (no steel core or steel jacketed ammo permitted)

Prerequisite: Handgun Levels 1-3 and Handgun Levels 4-5

Class Times:  

Day 1: 1:00PM-approx. 10:00PM

Day 2: 1:00PM-approx. 10:00PM

Day 3: 1:00PM-approx. 10:00PM

Additional information

Class Dates

November 10-12, 2023, November 8-10, 2024