Where should I stay?

Behm Mountain Cabin www.behmmountaincabin.com
Cave Hill Cabin www.cavehillcabin.com
Cozy Hideaway www.cozyhideaway.org
Crosset Cottage www.crossetcottage.com
Deer Path Cabin www.vrbo.com/1271069
Glasgow Manor/Stockade Resort www.vrbo.com/2702279
Griffis Getaway Cabin https://www.vrbo.com/2691579
Hawks View Farm www.ahawksviewfarm.com
Hopewell Croft Cabin www.hopewellcroft.com
McIntosh Cabin Ph. (937) 544.7294
Mound View Farm www.moundviewfarms.com
Murphin Ridge Inn & Cabins www.themurphinridgeinn.com
Scenic-View Cottage www.scenicviewcottage.com
The Far Look Log Cabin https://www.vrbo.com/2964188
The Farmhouse in Unity https://www.vrbo.com/2044793
The Landing at Brush Creek www.thelandingatbrushcreek.com
The Nut House Cabin at Trail End https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/44469519
The Red Barn www.vrbo.com/782567
The Sanctuary www.vrbo.com/354078
The Ville Guesthouse & Cabins www.thevilleohio.com
Murphin Ridge Inn www.murphinridgeinn.com
RiverHaven B&B www.ohioriverhaven.com
Valerie’s House B&B www.valerieshouse530.com
Budget Host Sunset Inn, Winchester (937) 695.0381
Quality Inn, Seaman (937) 386.2511
Shawnee State Lodge (740) 858.6621
Brush Creek Boat Ramp & Campground, US 52, Manchester (937) 205.7732
Island Creek Boat Ramp & Campground, US 52, Manchester (937) 549.1430
Mineral Springs Lake Resort, Peebles (740) 637.1151
Sandy Springs Campground & Cabins, US 52, Stout (701) 640.7858 www.sandyspringscampground.com

Does TDI allow camping on the property?

We  have space available for tent camping or RVs on the TDI property. If you are interested in camping instead of a hotel, please contact us well in advance. Camping spots vary each class depending on the range(s) being utilized. No water/sewage/electric available.

Where should I start with handgun training?

With very few exceptions you should begin with level 1 handgun.

The fundamental or basics of shooting are by far the most important part of the process of learning to hit your target quickly and accurately. If all you have done is receive your CCW permit you must start at level 1.  The Ohio CCW permit (any CCW permit actually) is at a very basic skill level. If you were to take a level 2 or higher class with only Ohio CCW training, YOU WILL BE COMPLETELY LOST AND OVERWHELMED. So, unless you have had significant professional training you must begin at level 1 handgun no matter how long you have been shooting.

We will consider allowing someone to come to a higher level class on a case by case basis. Again…You must have had other professional training to even be considered. If you are on the fence and “think” you might qualify, you don’t. If you did, there would be no doubt.

The last thing we want to do is to have you spend your money to go through something you do not need.  That does neither of us any good. TDI offers a money back guarantee, if you come to a class and do not feel you received your monies worth, we will refund your tuition.

What should I look for in a flashlight?

A good handheld flashlight should have a momentary switch with no strobe, and no low/high alternating beam. It should fit easily in a pocket or pouch. The switch should be easily accessible and a lock out feature is desirable. A handheld lanyard is recommended. Minimum of 200 lumens and a focused beam that can reach at least 25 yards.

Where should I start my training, physical, knife, firearms?

At TDI we believe in a well-rounded education, nothing is the end all be all. You may be involved in a physical confrontation prior to a gunfight, so if you don’t make it through that initial encounter the firearm does you no good.

There are places we just can not carry a firearm but can carry a knife or cane.

Where you start is not important, no one can tell you what your fight is going to be. Just start somewhere; no one gathers knowledge all at once.

Are we really going to shoot that much ammunition?

Maybe. We ask you to bring a minimum number of rounds per student, per class. Some people will not shoot it all, but we have had some shoot more. We allow people to train to their level. If we tell you to shoot 50 rounds and your hands are sore and you can only shoot 20 good rounds, we would rather see that. No one at TDI will berate you shooting less, it’s your choice.

That ammunition will not go bad, and now you’ll have something to practice with at home.

What firearm should I bring to class or what type of firearm should I purchase?


If you do not own a handgun do not purchase one prior to attending class. TDI keeps about 20 firearms on hand for students to use for free. We want you learn what is best for you and what works rather than buying something that doesn’t work for you. TDI DOES NOT sell firearms; we want you to go to your local gun store to make an educated purchase.

If you have a handgun, bring it. You should train with your firearm.

Tactical Rifles:

AR – 15’s, AK’s, Mini 14’s are all acceptable rifles/carbines for this class. Pistol class calibers are welcome as well; long distance will limit their effectiveness. There are many other acceptable firearms. We recommend calibers .556/223 & .762-39.

Precision Rifle:

The optic (scope) along with good rings and mounts are more important than the rifle. Good match ammunition is important for getting the most out of your class. The better groups you can shoot, the more confident you will become of your ability. Rifles with more recoil than a .308 Winchester caliber are difficult to shoot repeatedly over several days. We shoot in various different positions, so weight of the rifle should be considered.

How many weapons should I bring to a class?

Bringing a back-up handgun or rifle similar to your primary gun is a great idea. However, swapping between striker fired, double action/single action, cock and locked or a revolver is difficult in the time we have to work with you. Stick to one type of gun.

If my pistol/rifle breaks, will TDI be able to service it?

TDI does not guarantee we can fix every gun problem. However, most of the time someone is here on staff that can fix most problems. TDI does not charge for that service but the individual armorer may.

What equipment is not allowed?

Currently no trigger finger release type holsters allowed (eg: SERPA).  No shoulder, cross-draw or small-of-back holsters allowed.

What do you mean by a “roped handgun?”

As our students know, we do some of our training with “roped” handguns. We use a yellow cord that is placed down the barrel and out through the magazine well, thus preventing the gun from being loaded. The cord sticking out the front and bottom of the gun is visible proof that the gun is safe. We encourage students to rope their guns in a similar fashion when practicing their gun handling and building search skills at home. A simple weed eater cord is sufficient; however, many students want to duplicate the TDI experience and use a similar cord at home (we surmise that’s why so many of the cords make into range bags for the trip home, much to the dismay of the next class). For those wishing to obtain the cords for home use, they are available from McMaster-Carr, (330)995-5500, the website, www.mcmaster.com, the SKU is 6567K56, Urethane Hollow Core Round Belting, Yellow, 3/16″ O.D., 1-1/2″ Min Pulley Diameter.

Will TDI be able to sell me ammo should I not be able to get enough on my own?

We have a limited supply of ammunition that we can sell for our classes. We have 9mm, .223/5.56 and 7.62×39. We ask that you make every effort to supply your own ammunition for your class. Please bring what you have to class and we can supplement the ammo you bring up to the minimum round count. We will need to replace our ammo at current market pricing, therefore; we will be charging students current market prices for our supply. Our supply of ammunition will be sold to students during our classes. We will not sell ammunition for students to take home.

If you will need ammunition, please let us know 3 weeks in advance of your class.

As a reminder, if you are borrowing a TDI gun, we do not allow reloads or remanufactured ammunition. We will accept remanufactured ammunition from Midwest Ammunition or Black Hills Ammunition. If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at tdiohio@gmail.com.

How many people will there be in “X” class?

TDI averages about 20 people per class, some less, some more. We will have a minimum student to instructor ratio of 5 to 1 and generally more like 3 to 1.

I have never been in the military, am not a cop, and have no formal training. Will my time in the class be positive and at my level, or will I get left behind?

Civilians are the dominant part of TDI’s business. No one gets “left behind”, our instructors work to bring out the best in all students from the person who has never used a firearm to the person with extensive training. The better you are the more we push you to excel.

I am looking into the possibility of bringing my police department, security team, military unit to your facility. We would prefer that information not be made public or published on your website. Is that a problem?

We do not put groups that train here on our web site or advertise that in any way without their express permission.

Do you offer any discounts?

We are offering a 10% discount for Active-Duty Military or Reserve, Active-Duty Law Enforcement

Is there a place in town where I can get lunch? Is there time for that?

There are places to go for lunch, however there is little time and we encourage people to bring their lunch.

Are there kitchen facilities at TDI?

TDI has a refrigerator and 2 microwaves available for student use.

Does TDI have a pro-shop that sells gear and clothes?

We do have TDI apparel available for purchase and some pro-shop items such as TDI / Ka-Bar Knives and other products. TDI does not sell firearms.

Does TDI have weapons to sell to students?

We do not have an FFL and do not sell firearms.

I know TDI made the TDI-LEO knife and other products. Will I have a chance to see these if I wish?

You can find these products in our pro-shop.

Does TDI offer covered shooting positions in the event of rain or bad weather?

We shoot rain or shine, on low level classes where we are on the main range most of the time there is a range overhead to get under to reload. Bring your rain gear.

I heard your school offers the force-on-force/code-eagle training? Will I get a chance to try this?

TDI has been doing force on force training since its inception. We use air soft rounds beginning in level 4 handgun. To benefit from force on force our belief is you must have a good base level of knowledge. We think it is so important that we built a two-story house with movable walls and two different stairwells just for F/F training.

I hand-load for my precision rifle. Can I pick up brass?

You may bring hand-loads to any class. TDI reserves the right, should there be a problem, to stop the use of your handloads. We do not want to risk injury to anyone because someone does a poor job handloading. You are more than welcome to police your brass and the brass of anyone else who does not wish to take theirs.

I am attending TDI, but live outside the United States. English is my second language, but I am not fluent. Is that a problem?

If you are coming from outside the US we will do our best to communicate with you. We do have some instructors that speak different languages and we would attempt to accommodate that problem but we can not guarantee that. If you will be patient, we will as well.

I see you have done off-site training overseas. Would your school come to my country to conduct training on site for my unit?

TDI does off site training both in the US and overseas. You may contact TDI and discuss the terms. It does not have to be a military or law enforcement class.

I have a major physical limitation (crutches, wheel-chair or prosthesis). Can TDI accommodate me? Have you had students with such limitations in the past?

Students that have major physical limitations are welcome at TDI. We will do our very best to accommodate you in any way we can. We have had people with all types of limitations, not all have been able to do everything, but we try.

I want to attend TDI with my minor child, what is your position on this?

You know your child better than we do. We have had some as young as 10 attend our regular classes. You know how mature your child is, and if you believe your child can accept the information and use it wisely, it is OK with us. We do want you to understand that this is not some basic shooting class that simply teaches marksmanship and safe gun handling. We teach people to deal with other people. TDI reserves the right to remove any student from training at any time if they are disruptive, disrespectful, or pose a safety risk.