Handgun Level 1-3


Level 1 Handgun: This course introduces you to the fundamentals of modern defensive shooting, handgun familiarization, and safe weapons handling techniques. In the classroom we begin with deadly force issues, what to do if you are involved in a shooting, post shooting trauma, socialization, mind set and personal assessment. On the range you will work on ready position, grip, trigger management, sight acquisition and alignment and learn reloading techniques. Safety is constantly stressed. Class concludes with weapon care and maintenance.

If you do not already own a gun, let us help you select a gun that is the best fit for you before you purchase. Firearms are available to use at NO COST.



Level 2 Handgun: This course begins with a tactical planning and awareness lecture and a review of Level 1 fundamentals. You will learn smooth draw, malfunction clearing, and shooting on-the-move. Mental conditioning is stressed in all our courses.

Level 3 Handgun: We begin with a review of Level 2 techniques. The class adds more movement and off hand shooting. Develop your tactical skills with the use of cover and concealment, use of space, and structure clearing. Class culminates with a live fire house clearing exercises on shoot/no-shoot decision making targets.

We encourage students to take Levels 1, 2 and 3 in the three day format. For most students it is the best learning experience. We recognize that for various reasons many students may choose to do one or two days at a time. Therefore, we offer this class in any combination you may choose. You may join any of the classes at your convenience.

$750.00 Total Cost

10% Discount Active Duty Military or Reserve, Active Duty Law Enforcement and former FASTER students.

Email tdiohio@gmail.com or text 937-901-6900 for a coupon code. ID required.

Ammunition Requirement : Minimum 750 rounds (no steel core or steel jacketed ammo permitted during Level 2 & 3). If you are borrowing a gun from TDI, please note we will not allow reloads or remanufactured ammunition. We will accept remanufactured ammunition from Midwest Ammunition or Black Hills ammunition. If you are unsure what ammo to purchase, please call the office or send us an email.

Prerequisite: None

Attending Levels 1 & 2 will exceed the Ohio CCW training requirements.

Class Times: 

Day 1: 9:00AM – approx. 5:00PM

Day 2: 9:00AM – approx. 5:00PM

Day 3: 9:00AM – approx. 5:00PM

WOW!  As always, my trip to TDIOhio was well worth the 7-hour drive.  Over the past 2 years, I’ve attended your Ground Fighting class, twice, and Handgun I-III, IV-V, VI.  They all exceeded my expectations.  Returning to take Handgun I-III a second time, I brought my wife and another couple.  The atmosphere and your training techniques are amazing!  With ten qualified instructors on-hand and their decades of combined experience and training, I felt it was safe to trust my wife’s handgun training to you and your team.  By the end of the three-day class, my wife felt the confidence to conceal-carry her firearm and has not stopped boasting about the instruction and coaching she received from your instructor team.  I witnessed you and your team apply the same “high-touch” instruction and encouragement to all who attended.  Moving even the novice handgun students to the point of proficiency.  I look forward to bringing the next group down for training. 
Thank you,
Billy Bucy, Grand Rapids, Michigan – July 9-11, 2021


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Class Dates

April 12-14, 2024, May 17-19, 2024, June 21-23, 2024, July 12-14, 2024, August 2-4, 2024, September 6-8, 2024, October 4-6, 2024, November 1-3, 2024