civilians, law enforcement agencies,

military/federal agencies and

corporate security teams in firearms

and physical self-defense since 1995.

Anyone can show you how to shoot a gun. At TDI we train you to win.


What’s New in 2024


Close Range Engagement


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Also new in 2024, our veteran students will notice some changes with registration. In order to facilitate a more organized approach to registration, you will now sign the student waiver electronically. You will receive an email copy of the waiver, and at checkout you will receive a course checklist.

You will be charged full price when registering. 

Discounts offered:

10% Discount Active Duty Military or Reserve, Active Duty Law Enforcement and former FASTER students.

Email tdiohio@gmail.com or text 937-901-6900 for a coupon code. ID required.


Handgun Level I-III

ATTENTION NEW SHOOTERS.  Our Handgun Level I-III is so much more than a simple CCW class.  It addresses mindset, tactics, and real-world scenarios as well as proven gun handling skills to give even a novice shooter the ability and confidence to safely and effectively utilize a handgun for self-defense.


Attending Levels I & II will exceed the Ohio CCW training requirements.

Mastering Pistol Fundamentals

This 2 day class is strictly working pistol fundamentals and manipulation of the pistol. This “shooting only” class involves no tactics. We will concentrate on trigger management, sight alignment, controlling recoil, magazine changes, malfunctions and drawing from the holster. We will work on your precision shooting, rapid target acquisition and running the gun quickly and efficiently.


Prerequisite TDI Level I-III Handgun

Partner Tactics

This popular course is designed for individuals to train together in two person shooting exercises as well as learning to shoot, move and communicate in many varied situations. We will work in homes/buildings, in and around vehicles and other street scenarios. Two persons are safer than one providing they know how to work together.


Prerequisite TDI Level I-III Handgun

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