“Train, keep training, carry your gun whenever you legally can.” – John Benner

Due to the ongoing ammo shortage and price gouging we cannot guarantee our ammo supply. We will be reducing the round count of our upcoming and future classes, and use low round count drills, dry fire, and Airsoft as much as possible. We will be limiting the purchase of our remaining ammo per student. If you want to shoot more you will either need to bring what you have or search for ammo. Every day we find deals on Ammoseek.com but they are limiting purchases to certain amounts.
Supply is limited, but if you don’t check, you won’t find any deals.

PLEASE bring what you have and continue to look for more. We will not be able to sustain a supply to help everyone. If you purchase ammo from us we will charge you our replacement cost, which is current market prices.

What We Offer
Courses at TDI.

TACTICAL DEFENSE INSTITUTE has been training civilians, law enforcement personnel, military / federal agencies and corporate security teams in tactical firearms and physical self-defense since 1995.

Classes for Civilians
TDI offers classes for civilians. These classes cover a wide array of scenarios with various tools and tactics.
Classes for Law Enforcement
TDI offers classes for LEOs and their departments.
Featured Instructors

TDI has a growing team of experienced staff to help provide up-to-date training covering mindset, tactics, and tools.

John Benner

Chief Instructor

John Motil

General Manager

Forrest Sonewald

Lead Instructor
Featured Courses

Handgun Level 1-3

This course introduces you to the fundamentals of modern defensive shooting, handgun familiarization, and safe weapons handling techniques. Firearms are available for use at no cost.

Attending Levels I & II will exceed the Ohio CCW training requirements

Response to Active Killer/Shooter

This class is a “must do” for those armed and responsible for protecting others. Whether you are law enforcement, security personnel or that person who will stand and protect others in your environment, this class is essential to have.

Prerequisite TDI Level I-III Handgun or equivalent


Ammo Requirement 600 rounds

Tactical Rifle Level 1

A TDI favorite! Instruction covers loading, ready-carry positions, malfunction clearing, trigger management techniques for both semi-auto and select-fire weapons, quick-fire and precision shooting techniques, shooting on-the-move, and angle and position shooting.

NOTE: Civilians using Class III weapons must bring ATF paperwork for validation check.