2021 Schedule

PLEASE NOTE all classes will be booked with a 50% NONREFUNDABLE deposit.

June 2021

5th-6th Warrior Women Advanced Pistol 3-4 Training APPLY


12th-13th Snubby Revolver & Sub Compact Pistol APPLY


26th-27th Pistol Caliber Carbine / Sub Machine Gun APPLY

July 2021

9th-11th Handgun Level I-III APPLY


16th Home Defense Building Search APPLY


17th-18th Tactical Shotgun FULL


24th Faith Based Armed Security APPLY

August 2021

6th-8th Handgun Level I-III APPLY


20th Home Defense Building Search APPLY


21st-22nd Tactical Shotgun APPLY

September 2021

10th-12th Handgun Level I-III APPLY


17th-19th Medical Combatives APPLY


24th Vehicle Combatives APPLY


25th-26th Mastering Pistol Fundamentals APPLY

October 2021

1st Faith Based Armed Security APPLY


2nd Advanced Concealed Carry APPLY


3rd Vehicle Combatives APPLY


14th-17th Handgun Level IV-V APPLY


21st-24th Tactical Rifle II-III APPLY


November 2021

5th-7th Handgun Level I-III APPLY


12th-14th Handgun Level VI APPLY

December 2021

4th-5th Defensive Knife APPLY


11th-12th Close Quarters Personal Control I-II APPLY