What We Offer at Tactical Defense Institute
Handgun Level 1-3
Learn the fundamentals of modern defensive shooting, handgun familiarization, and safe weapons handling techniques.
Handgun Level 4-5
Further your knowledge of structure search including stairwells, people handling skills and mission focus.
Handgun Level 6
Have your flashlight techniques become second nature. This class includes multiple low-light live fire house exercises and force-on-force scenarios, as well as shooting from and around vehicles day and night.
FIST is an intense, fun course to assist in maintaining the high level of proficiency you have already achieved.
Snubby Revolver & Sub Compact Pistol
Devoted to small carry handguns, revolvers and small semi-automatic pistols.
Partner Tactics
This course is designed for couples, friends or law enforcement partners.
Mastering Pistol Fundamentals
Work on pistol fundamentals and manipulation of the pistol.
Practical Precision Rifle
Enhance your skills and knowledge about precision shooting with the scoped rifle.
Tactical Rifle 1
Instruction covers loading, ready-carry positions, malfunction clearing, trigger management techniques and more.
Tactical Rifle 2-3
Take your Tactical Rifle skills further, pushing your limits of weapons manipulation and speed of engagement.
Pistol Caliber Carbine / Sub Machine Gun
This class covers pistol caliber carbines, AR-15 style handguns and sub-machine guns.
Mastering Shotgun Fundamentals
A must for everyone using a shotgun for personal defense.
Ground Fighting
Learn simple, easy to learn, gross motor skill techniques to avoid going to the ground and to escape the ground fight if you are too late to avoid the attack.
Close Quarters Personal Control
Learn simple, effective fighting skills that can be applied by persons of any size and strength.
Medical Combatives
This class will provide students with or reinforce basic GSW (gunshot wound) treatment skills for shooting encounters.
Defensive Knife
This course presents students with skills they need to effectively utilize a folding or fixed blade knife as a defensive tool to repel a lethal force attack.
Advanced Concealed Carry
Have a CCW? Would you like to go to the next level? This one-day course is designed for semi-auto pistols and snubby revolvers carried under concealment garments. Ankle and pocket carry will be covered also.
Vehicle Combatives
Learn how to defend yourself with tactics and techniques specifically designed for threats while you are in or around vehicles.
Faith Based Armed Security
With attacks on religious institutions increasing, it has never been more important to get training in the tactics and techniques of responding to an active killing event.
Featured Classes

Handgun 1-3

Partner Tactics

Response to Active Killer/Shooter