Handgun Level IV – V


Engage in four days of shooting and tactics. As always, come prepared to shoot and have a good time.


Level IV Handgun
Class begins with our level II & III warm-up. Further your knowledge of structure search including stairwells, people handling skills and mission focus. Put this to work with extensive practical exercises in the live fire houses, force-on-force scenarios and on the cover and concealment wall. Learn about different types of flashlights and low light shooting techniques in our evening shoot.

Ammunition requirements: 500 rounds minimum (no steel core or steel jacketed ammo permitted)


Level V Handgun
This course starts off with our regular warm-up. Instruction includes garment removal for concealed carry, extreme close quarters shooting, and weapon retention techniques. There will be multiple runs through live-fire houses, honing structure search skills, position shooting using cover and concealment at the wall and escalating difficulty in force-on-force exercises in the force-on-force house. The evening shoot will provide practicing flashlight techniques in structure search environments and doing low light shooting exercises.

Ammunition requirements: 500 rounds minimum (no steel core or steel jacketed ammo permitted)


$1,000.00 Total Cost

$500.00 (50%) Non-refundable deposit required for registration 

Remaining balance due the first day of class when you check in.

We accept cash/check/credit card. 5% discount for paying with cash/check. 

10% Discount for all Active Duty Military or Reserve (ID Required), Active Duty Law Enforcement (ID Required) and former FASTER students (diploma required)

Please email us at tdiohio@gmail.com to get registered if you wish to pay cash/check. *Note, if you register online your credit card will automatically be charged for the class deposit and you will not receive the discount for the deposit.

Ammunition Requirement : Minimum 1000 rounds (no steel core or steel jacketed ammo permitted during Level IV & V)

Prerequisite: Handgun Level I-III

Class Times:  

Day 1: 1:00PM – approx. 10:00PM

Day 2: 9:00AM – approx. 5:00PM

Day 3: 1:00PM – approx. 10:00PM

Day 4: 9:00AM – approx. 5:00PM

Additional information

Class Date

October 14-17, 2021