Close Quarters Personal Control


Our CQPC curriculum has been taught in the Defensive Tactics curriculum at the Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy. Join the thousands of Law Enforcement, military and civilian students utilizing this devastating personal defense system.

The basic gross motor skills used in TDI’s Close Quarters program are the same for short range engagements with all firearms and knives. Learn simple, effective fighting skills that can be applied by persons of any size and strength. Our exclusive training techniques will allow you to maintain your skill level and train almost anywhere.

Anyone who has previously attended CQPC 1-4 can retake any level of CQPC at half-price. We are doing this to encourage our graduates to keep these life-saving skills sharp.


$500.00 Total Cost

10% Discount Active Duty Military or Reserve, Active Duty Law Enforcement and former FASTER students.

Email or text 937-901-6900 for a coupon code. ID required.

Ammunition Requirement : None

Prerequisite: None for CQPC Level 1 & 2. You must have had CQPC Level  1 & 2 to register for CQPC Level 3 & 4.

Class Times:   

Day 1: 9:00AM – approx. 5:00PM

Day 2: 9:00AM – approx. 5:00PM

Additional information

Class Dates

Level 1&2 December 9-10, 2023, Level 1&2 February 3-4, 2024, Level 3&4 March 9-10, 2024, Level 1&2 December 7-8, 2024