Shooting and Moving Workshop

Date: August 14, 2022                            

Location:  Location: TDI  2174 Bethany Ridge West Union, OH 45693

TDI contact:   (937) 544-7228

Time: 900am-500pm          Fee: $300.00

To Register: Go to 

Fee: $300.00 **Space is limited to 16 participants

***Register for both classes Integrating Control Devices August 13, 2022; receive $100.00 discount.


Train with the Nation’s most experienced female law enforcement firearms instructors who share advanced skills and tactical knowledge in the best training environment imaginable.  



The purpose of this workshop is to improve shooting performance through minimal classroom and maximum range time. This class is fast paced and will focus on advanced skill-building drills as it relates to moving and shooting with a handgun as a solo operator as well as with a teammate. Tactical communications and dynamic movement with single and multiple targets, as well as fun competitions for “cash and prizes.”


“One of the best ways to win any fight is to avoid getting hit.” L. A. Hamblin



  • Proof of previous drawing from a holster training
  • 250-300 rounds of ammunition
  • Outside the waistband holster
  • Valid concealed weapons permit
  • Physically able to move with a handgun with both 1 and 2-handed shooting positions safely
  • Able to stand unsupported from a seated position
  • Closed toe shoes, wrap around eye and ear protection, brimmed hat

***Bagged lunch, water source and simple carbohydrate are highly recommended.


About LouKa Tactical: We have proudly served the public safety training profession since 1999 and have access to some of the finest instructors and resources in the United States. Each instructor brings diversity and a high level of professionalism. Together our depth and synergy are unmatched. Not only are we the largest company of its kind in the Nation, we are considered to be the best by the industry in which we serve.  About Lou Ann: Retired after 22 years of police service, Lou Ann Hamblin specializes in training female officers, having trained over 4600 women in law enforcement in pistol alone and is a certified firearms and defensive tactics instructor in a variety of disciplines. She is a Team One Network adjunct instructor and Master Pistol Instructor through H & K.  Over the last 26 years Lou Ann has instructed internationally in the areas of instructor development, training for specialty units and female police officer’s performance improvement and professional development including the Kuwaiti Female Special Forces and Ford Motor Company E.P. Teams.

I’ve known Lou Ann Hamblin for many of the long years she has been teaching law enforcement. Lou Ann has shown herself to be a superb instructor at the American Society of Law Enforcement Trainers and the International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association seminars I’ve attended.  She was a tremendous asset when she served on the panel of experts on firearms and deadly force training that I chair annually for the latter organization. A gifted instructor for students of all genders, she is particularly skilled at teaching female students in both physical skills and mental attitude. After many years of urging her to train law-abiding armed citizens as well as police, I am delighted to learn that she is finally doing so and am not at all surprised at the excellent reviews she is earning in those classes.  Highly recommended! Massad Ayoob – Director, Massad Ayoob Group




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